Take it to Another Level

Promote Your Business

1 Month

4 weeks of advertising 

Package Includes:
1 Live video
2 Static posts (pictures)
1 Produced video 

3 Month

12 weeks of advertising 

Package Includes:
3 Live video
6 Static posts (pictures)
3 Produced video
*$550.00 Monthly

6 Month

24 weeks of advertising 

Package Includes:
6 Live video
12 Static posts (pictures)
6 Produced video
*$419.00 Monthly

Guy in the 419 offers 3 levels of
business promotional packages.

Our goal is to promote everything 419! We love the people & places that make the 419 great. Contact us to for additional advertising opportunities. We would love to be part of your next event, sale, grand opening or have us stop in just because. We will come in and get to know you so we can connect you with your audience better and connect you to the Guy in the 419 community.

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